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The book “Copyright and related rights” written by Associate Professors of the Faculty of Law is published

Knorus publishing house published the book “Copyright and related rights” with the Workshop, written by Associate Professors of the Department of Civil law and civil procedure of the Faculty of Law of Lobachevsky University Nadezhda Sosipatrova and Nadezhda Malakhova.


We talked to one of the co-authors.


– Nadezhda Evgenievna, why have you chosen this area of civil law for research?


– Copyright and related rights are dynamically developing civil law institutions, which are very popular in practice nowadays. On the one hand, students are very interested in studying them because of the rising interest to social media, cinematography, theater and show business. They want to understand how to resolve such disputes as future lawyers. Knowledge of copyright and related rights will help them to figure this out.


On the other hand, the study of these institutions causes difficulties in studying, because of complex legal structures and abstract concepts.


Preparing the publication, I wanted to present copyright and related rights in an accessible, understandable language for students and at the same time keep the scientific level, bypassing complex, problematic issues of theory and practice.


Over the years of teaching, I have accumulated a wealth of practical material, interesting examples of controversial situations that arise in the creative environment, including examples of copyright infringement, which are widely heard and cause a public outcry. This material update the learning process, increase interest to the subject.

The problem is that among the big course of civil law for copyright it is given only 8 hours — 4 hours of lectures and 4 hours of seminars, during which it is impossible to consider in detail many topical issues and analyze interesting situations. That’s why me and Nadezhda Malakhova, who teaches a copyright course for undergraduate and specialist students and an intellectual property law course for a master’s degree decided to join forces in preparing the Workshop.


The Workshop It includes a variety of tasks: first, analysis of practical situations (tasks), second, creative tasks for extracurricular work of students (to conduct a legal analysis of various life situations, make up their opinion on a particular issue, fill out a table, draw a diagram, study a specific court decision and prepare a legal conclusion on it, give written legal advice, prepare a statement of claim), third, stories for a business game and a “round table”, fourth, knowledge-tests.


When the Workshop was ready, the co-author and I concluded that it would be more effective to use it if it was provided with theoretical material — lectures on each topic of copyright and related rights. The Knorus publishing house, where the manuscript was sent, confirmed the demand for such educational publications on the legal literature market, which combine the presentation of theoretical material with a practice-oriented approach to its development. The educational process and students ‘ feedback will show how useful and interesting this publication.

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