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Safety & Security

Access mode

In order to ensure safety and prevent possible illegal actions against students and faculty employees, the university building is equipped with checkpoints. To attend classes, students must present a student ID or student’s grade book at the entrance, other visitors and guests of the faculty should have a passport with them.

No Smoking area

In accordance with the Federal Law of February 23, 2013 N 15 “On the Protection of Citizens’ Health from the Effects of Tobacco Smoke and the Consequences of Tobacco Use”, smoking is prohibited in all UNN areas, including campus, university buildings, recreation area, etc.

Loss of belongings or documents

In case of loss of belongings or documents, contact the security staff:
tel. 428-85-62 – Ashgabadskaya st., 4
tel. 430-40-65 – 3 Yamskaya St., 1
tel. +7 (930) 680-55-78 – Bolshaya Pecherskaya St., 25 / 12a

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