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Distance Learning

Access to most UNN systems requires a single corporate login and password, which can be obtained at login.unn.ru.

The portal.unn.ru is a single entry point to information resources for informing students and teachers about the educational process at UNN, including information on timetables, academic performance, curricula, contracts, filling out a personal portfolio and much more. To enter the portal use a single corporate login and password.

The resource source.unn.ru is used to post distance learning materials. A direct link to this site is available on the student’s portal (menu “Materials for distance learning”).  Students can view materials that are provided by the teacher in specific subjects, as well as a list of online webinars, if they are planned during the training of the academic group in which the student is studying. On the same source you can get comprehensive information on technological solutions and services involved in the implementation of distance learning at UNN.

Below you can find the most actively used resources of the faculty:

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