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About Faculty

The Faculty of Law is one of the youngest among 18 faculties of Lobachevsky University. It was established by order of the former rector Aleksandr Khokhlov and by the decision of the Academic Council of Lobachevsky University on November 28, 1991.

From the first days of its establishment, Faculty of Law accorded special priority to the quality of education, establishment of a proper educational base, the formation of a qualified academic teaching staff, expansion of the list of legal disciplines in new areas of legal science and practice, the effective practical interaction of the faculty with public authorities and private institutions.

The faculty was opened in the years when the society was in dire need of qualified legal support and the legal profession became one of the most popular at that time. Therefore, the opening of the Law Faculty at the University aroused great interest among young people studying not only in the city and region, but also far beyond its borders. The Faculty immediately became one of the most prestigious faculties and a recognized center of legal science and education in the region. For many years, the competition for the faculty is stable and every third applicant has a gold or silver medal after finishing school or a diploma with honors.


Faculty of Law provides:

Intramural form of study (Full-time attendance mode)

Specialist program on directions «Judicial and procuratorial activity», «Legal support of national security», «Forensic science»
Bachelor’s degree program on directions «Jurisprudence», «Archives and records management»,
Master’s degree program on direction «Jurisprudence»
Postgraduate degree program on direction «Jurisprudence»

Extramural form of study (Part-time attendance mode)

Master’s degree program on direction «Jurisprudence»
Postgraduate degree program on direction «Jurisprudence»

Intra-extramural form of study (Mixed attendance mode)

Bachelor’s degree program on direction «Jurisprudence»


The educational process at the Faculty of Law is based on classical Russian legal education and includes fundamental and special training, which is based on the state educational standards of higher professional education.

Graduates of the Faculty receive state-issued diplomas with appropriate qualifications, which gives them the opportunity to be employed in government authorities, state and non-state forensic institutions, law enforcement bodies, legal services, commercial, economic and other organizations and institutions.

Training at the faculty of law is carried out both on a budget basis and on a commercial basis according to the rules for admission to study in secondary vocational and higher education programs.

We prepare our own academic teaching staff in the postgraduate program in direction “Jurisprudence”. Graduates of our postgraduate programs have the opportunity to defend their dissertations in dissertation council which was established in result of cooperation between Lobachevsky University and St. Petersburg University of the Interior Ministry in following specialties:

  • 12.00.11 Judicial activity, procuratorial activity, human rights activity and law enforcement activity.
  • 12.00.14 Administrative law and administrative procedure.

The most important aim of the faculty is to inoculate students general and legal culture, a sense of patriotism, high moral qualities, the ability to a teamwork, with the consideration of reality and law, which is provided in the process of educational work.

The faculty has created and actively operates a Student Council, under the leadership of which the following events are held at the faculty: Freshman Day, Autumn debuts, Student Spring, Miss and Mr. Law faculty, meetings with faculty graduates, lawyers, sports events, charity events, legal assistance to socially vulnerable segments of the population, and many others.

The faculty has the Career office of the University Career Center, which helps graduates and students find employment.

The faculty regularly hosts art exhibitions of paintings and photographs of our teachers and students.

We closely communicate with our future students: the faculty has a Law school (the “Legal all-around” project), a section of Student Scientific Society “EUREKA” on criminology, a career guidance game “Trajectory” (in cooperation with the Career Center).

The faculty has a scientific council hall, courtroom, forensic laboratory, laboratory of forensic research of documents and handwriting, laboratory of forensic photography and video recording, technical laboratory and forensic fingerprint laboratory, computer laboratory with the access to the Internet resources and the Information-reference system “ConsultantPlus”.

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