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Distance learning at Lobachevsky University extended until May 31

15 May 2020

In accordance with the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, universities will continue their education programs for all students in the distance learning mode during the period from May 12 to May 31, 2020. The maximum possible number of employees will also continue their activities in remote mode.

Restrictions on inter-regional movement of employees continue to apply. Research activities are also mainly organized remotely. All measures are being implemented to ensure the uninterrupted functioning of Lobachevsky University infrastructure and enhanced sanitary and epidemiological protection during this period. Students are not allowed to visit the university campus, with the exception of those staying in dormitories. At the same time, students and employees of Lobachevsky University must comply with all measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection.

Educational work continues in full with the use of e-learning and distance education technologies. Intermediate assessment, defence of graduate papers (and state examinations in a number of faculties and institutes) will be conducted online.

The UNN dean’s offices and departments continue to work in a remote format and are ready to provide consultations to students on all relevant issues (the dates of examination sessions, final certification, practical training, etc.) by telephone and via messages in social networks.


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