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Online defence of Master’s theses in the joint UNN – Turan University programme

The first defense of Master’s theses under the international  double-degree programme “International Law for Business” took place at the UNN Faculty of Law.  The joint programme is being implemented by Lobachevsky University and Turan University  (Kazakhstan).

The Master’s theses were prepared under the joint supervision of professors  from both universities. At  Lobachevsky University, the base structural division in this program is the Department of the European and International Law.

This year, graduates of the program are Nurbaeva Shyrin and Bilakhan Kuanysh. They successfully completed all stages of training at the Lobachevsky University and the University of Turan.

The defence was organized in an online mode as a joint session of the State examination commissions for  final state certification representing Lobachevsky University and Turan University. Students  presented their research results to the members of both commissions who asked numerous questions. This was followed by a joint discussion of the theses by the members of the two commissions. Both commissions gave excellent marks to the students for defending their Master’s theses.

We congratulate the first graduates of the international joint programme “International Law for Business” on the defense of their Master’s theses. They have successfully completed the programme and will receive two diplomas: a diploma from  Turan University and a Master’s degree from Lobachevsky University.

This programme was possible thanks to Dean of the Faculty of Law V.I. Tsyganov, Head of the Department of European and International Law A.I. Gorylev, Deputy Dean for International Affairs A.I. Fedyushkina.


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