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European labour law: protection of human rights

09 June 2020

Project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme, project number 599411-EPP-1-2018-1-RU-EPPJMO-MODULE

Project Manager:

  • Irina Filipova (Candidate of Law, Associate Professor, Department of Labour Law and Environmental Law)

The module “European labour law: protection of human rights” will create an information chain about the achievements of Europe in the field of labour law for the people of our region and for Russian society. The study of the European experience in the field of training of labour and employment standards and the experience of applying these standards to improve the level of protection of human rights are very important for Russians, including law students, managers, young researchers, those who can contribute to the formation of a single legal field with the EU in the future.

During the preparation of this project, European labour legislation, judicial practice and the experience of European universities were studied. The teaching staff of the module has the necessary knowledge in the field of European labour law and the experience in organizing scientific, educational and practical activities on labour law and labour relations.

The implementation of the project contributes to:
– assimilation of the main provisions of European labour legislation with emphasis on the protection of human rights by students;
– acquisition of the necessary skills to understand the decisions of the Court of Justice of the European Union and the ECHR;
– encouraging the search for ways to improve Russian labour legislation;
– acceptance of humanistic values.

The implementation of the project provides for the phased realization of the elements of the plan specified in the project description and identification of the three main stages: “approval”, “fixation” and “smoothing”. Each stage includes about 10 activities. After the completion of the stage, “work on errors” is necessarily performed. It provides correction of the tactics of the project for maximum efficiency.



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