Judicial and Procuratorial Activity


Length of study: 5 years – Intramural form of study (Full-time attendance mode).


The specialty Judicial and Procuratorial Activity is intended to provide fundamental training in all the main branches of legal science, while having independent features. This is an educational and innovative, practice-oriented programme aimed at obtaining knowledge and skills in the field of legal support of judicial and procuratorial activities. The educational programme includes one specialization — Judicial Activity, which provides an depth training in the field of the judicial organization and gives the opportunity for successful employment in the judicial system, however, the process of education is created in accordance with modern trends in the legal services market.

Graduates will be able to fill posts in the courts or prosecutor’s office, be involved in the consideration of cases and resolution of disputes related to the competence of the courts, through civil, administrative and criminal proceedings, will be able to develop legal acts and provide consulting services.

At the same time, having knowledge in all the main areas of law, graduates can choose other types of activities and will also be in demand in commercial structures, state and law enforcement agencies, and the bar.

The training takes place in specially equipped classrooms:

  • Courtroom
  • Linguaphone room
  • Specialized room equipped for conducting classes in criminology
  • Computer class with access to the Internet
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