Length of study: 4 years – Intramural form of study (Full-time attendance mode), 5 years – Intra-extramural form of study (Mixed attendance mode).


Law is a classic direction for both practicing types of lawyers, civil servants, and for judges, prosecutors, investigators and other various legal professions. Future lawyers study the fundamental disciplines that a professional need to use anyway. Students can choose their specialization on the 3rd year of study, deciding which subjects corresponding to their future profile (“Criminal law”, “Civil law”, “International law” and “State law”). However, basic subjects are studied in all specializations.

After completing a bachelor’s degree, the future profession will necessarily be associated with the implementation of legal norms and ensuring law and order in various spheres of society. Jurisprudence is primarily a prestigious education. Lawyers are respected and have a lot of advantages in society, have the opportunity for excellent career growth. Most of the leading and highly paid positions in the country require a legal education. The legal profession values such qualities as hard work and constant self-improvement, honesty and responsibility. Having and improving, or having acquired and assimilated the above-mentioned qualities, it is possible to grow without hindrance even to the Prosecutor General or the judge of the Arbitration Court. To do this, you only need to take the first step – choose the Faculty of Law of the Lobachevsky University.

Also, the ELL (Economics-Law-Linguistics) programme is implemented on Jurisprudence bachelor’s programme, which involves studying at two universities. Students study both at the Lobachevsky University and at the Dobrolyubov University on Translator bachelor’s programme. ELL programme allows you not only to combine two full-time studies and get two state-issued higher education diplomas, but also to get exclusive knowledge in full for 4 years.

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