Legal Support of National Security


Length of study: 5 years – Intramural form of study (Full-time attendance mode).


Lawyers are required not only in private sphere of life, but also at the state level. Graduates of this specialty are engaged in the development of laws and legal norms, drafting interstate agreements, ensuring law and order. At the same time, without losing the opportunity to understand yourself in the classic legal professions.

The demand for graduates is always at the highest level, employment is possible both in law enforcement bodies, legislative bodies, executive or judicial power, in local governments, and in the legal departments of international companies and firms specializing in foreign economic activities, in the field of ensuring the activities of political parties and public organizations, election commissions at all levels. It is possible to work in the offices of human rights commissioners, children’s rights, entrepreneurs ‘ rights, in the legal departments of enterprises and organizations, social security agencies, and even in the civil registry offices. Graduates acquire the skills to work as legal advisers to deputies of legislative authorities at various levels and heads of economic and other structures.

However, it is worth remembering that national security is a priority area of state policy and ensurance of national security has to be conducted by lawyers with special training.

Graduates have fundamental knowledge of law-making, law enforcement, law protection, expert consultation, organizational and managerial, research and teaching activities.

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